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Steve Frame
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All the soaps are going to have to take a page out of Douglas Marland's life playbook if they are going to survive.

Douglas Marland didn't want to do the rape story with Luke & Laura - he wanted to go with Scotty & Laura longer. He gave in and did a damned good job writing for GH.

He didn't like Allen Potter's ideas for GL but he wrote the show using all his talent to write what made for good entertainment - even if it was not his vision.

All the writers today are too busy seeking their own agenda and complaining to the damn press or on the Internet about it - instead of putting that energy and creativity into writing a damn good compelling show.

They do it halfheartedly and people make excuses for them. All of us go into our jobs and we do what the bosses tell us to do. We do it their way - we don't go in and change all of the companies policies, etc. to fit our own.

The EP is boss on a show and they have to answer to him.

I am not sure Ken Corday is that great but to tell you the honest truth we never have really gotten to know. At least for the last 3 writing regimes, they have fought and what has come across on the screen is garbage. JER's vision was changed so he didn't have his heart in his writing and he wrote boring crap. Sheffer didn't get to do what he wanted so he wrote boring lifeless crap. Higley is now not getting to do what she wants so she is now writing boring liefless crap.

What is strange is that you know all of these writers can write good stories - they show it when they get to do what they want. But the minute someone tells them they can't - they are like babies and just do it half-heartedly.

All the shows have got to have one vision. If Ken Corday is boss then let him set the vision for the show and go with it. And write it with the talent that you have. All this fighting and saying well if you don't do it my way this is what you get is killing soaps.
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