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Jul 11 2008, 02:57 PM
Is Rick Draughon a good writer?
Well, he was on staff around 2002 and stayed through all of JER's second stint. I really don't know. I never watched Coastal Dreams but he was EP, creator, and HW of that. All I really know is he began being credited last week as co-HW and the show has improved alot IMO. It makes me wonder if this will end up like what happened at OLTL. Ron got promoted to co-HW and Dena was gone shortly after. I'm willing to give Rick a shot. He is an unknown but you never know. I guess Rick was a mod or something on the Soapcentral boards at one point and he seems to be a Broe fan and not a big fan of J&M. Who knows though.

Steve is right in that behind the scenes clashes are killing these shows. That and being too afraid to take risks. Days worries too much when they see the slightest big of fan unrest. They need to commit to story and just go with it. The show has changed gears so much over the last ten years, it's enough to give you whiplash. I do think the show will always be up and down because of Corday. It's just going to be the way it is. His stupidest mistake was getting rid of B&C. Days was on such a high and he fucked it up big time.
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