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I don't think yesterday's episode was very good. I will say this for y'all, Monday's episode is really really good. So please tune in for that.

Anyway, for Friday, I think the fact that near the beginning Chelsea is thanking Daniel for basically telling her how to live her life cause he knows her better than she knows herself (WTF?) pissed me off so much it was tough to pay attention to anything else. Since when does Chelsea really need a man to think for her? And if he knows her that well, occupational therapist is the LAST profession she needs to be in. Why would the show do this? With Victor's stroke (which now is going to be all about Chan), wouldn't it have been better to allow Chelsea to choose this profession for herself after witnessing it firsthand through her grandpa? But NOOOOOOO. Can't have that.

Max leaving town would make me smile except we know (inevitably) Stephanie is going to follow and now Stax is going to be on their own trying to hold down a story w/o the help of stronger characters like Nick, Steve, Kayla and Caroline. Whatever.

Kate Kate Kate. Can they not have you do something else other than warn off women who sleep with Lucas? Oh wait, the ending. We now see Kate has been up to something new. Hee, literally, it can't come out soon enough.
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