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Miss Rhi
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Jul 12 2008, 12:10 PM
Jul 12 2008, 03:48 AM
Jul 11 2008, 04:57 PM
Jul 11 2008, 04:53 PM
JER *WAS* the master of getting up ratings. Past tense.
Still is. But Passions has a limited audience due to its being on DirecTV, as well as people not having a sophisticated-enough taste to truly appreciate it.
So your saying one needs sophisticated-enough taste to appreciate the incest on Passions?

I was a fan and viewed pretty regularly until Valerie/Vincent was revealed to be the Evian child who knowingly had sex with their own father. That was the straw that broke the camel's back and when it seemed like enough was enough, even people trying to excuse it as another one of JER's crazy and outlandish ratings grabbing stunts wasn't enough to make me watch again even though I have Directv.

I cover Passions here at the DR because I enjoyed what it once was the first few years, not the cluster*ck it turned into.

People just have differing tastes. I love that JER pushed people's buttons and went there. The fact that you had such a wild reaction to it means that it worked, and I applaud JER for doing it. You may have tuned out, but at least you had a strong reaction and weren't just apathetic. I find it odd that you didn't have a problem when Chad and Whitney, who were brother and sister, had a baby together. For two years, we were led to believe they were related. Sure, people posited that they weren't related, but on screen, they were related and their relationship was incesctuous. They even had sex knowing full well they were siblings! This is what drove Whitney to the nunnery. That's the same thing as Valerie knowingly sleeping with his father. So why didn't you have a problem with it then?
When Chad and Whitney first got together neither one of them knew that there was a chance that they could possibly be related. Chad didn't come to town and say "Hey, I think I'm going to find my sister, have sex with her, and knock her up with my baby!" the way Valerie/Vincent did concerning Julian. I never said if I had a problem with Chad and Whitney having sex after finding out they were related, in that instance it did bother me but we had known BOTH characters for a long time at that point and neither one was being sinister concerning their feelings for each other in the way Vincent/Valerie was with both Eve and especially Julian.

The whole Valerie/Vincent thing was and is just sick and disgusting and and it's sickening the way JER is so fascinated with incest.....
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