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Jul 12 2008, 12:41 PM
Jul 12 2008, 12:06 PM
I for one like Alligato's assesment , pregnancy does cause mood swings .The demand to see Ej and Sami on Days
is quite predominant .What better way to finalize a reunion with the 2 , the baby will be Ej's , Sami and Lucas have not been together since his return it cannot be his. I honestly think an Ejami reconciliation is not out of the realm of possibility . I also agree the fake pillow bit was kind of obvious .A little reality is good in a soap when all you see are these farfetched concepts they throw at you all the time .Serial killers , Demonic possesion , people returning from the dead etc, etc.A dierhard Ejami fan .
Predominant? The desire to see EJ and Sami together is strong with EJami fans, but that isn't necessarily the general audience. There are plenty of people who either never liked EJami or who liked them at one time but are ready for them to move on, or who just honestly don't care, so I wouldn't call the desire to see them together "predominant." I don't think we have any way of knowing what the percentage of Days viewers is who want EJami together.

I already think there's one EJami baby too many, so the very notion of Sami being pregnant AGAIN and having a fourth child when she's, what, 30-ish is so unappealing to me for so many reasons. If they need another baby to solidify their relationship it isn't much of one to start, IMO.
Solid post! :hail:

I hope they just avoid a pregnancy. It's just overkill coming off last year's, which dominated 2007. I also don't care much to see Sami get pregnant only to lose the child. I doubt Ali would too. I mean, can you imagine her giving birth to a baby in real life and then having to play a mother whose child died or was miscarried? That's just not right IMO.

Just send her off for awhile to see Will. It fits the current story well. My concern is that since Ali seems to want another onscreen pregnancy, my fear is she will get it since we all know Days and NBC love her. Then again, she despised the writing of her character last year and nothing was done about it so who knows.
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