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Viewing Single Post From: Will Sami get a new visit from the stork?
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Jul 12 2008, 12:06 PM
I for one like Alligato's assesment , pregnancy does cause mood swings .The demand to see Ej and Sami on Days
is quite predominant .What better way to finalize a reunion with the 2 , the baby will be Ej's , Sami and Lucas have not been together since his return it cannot be his. I honestly think an Ejami reconciliation is not out of the realm of possibility . I also agree the fake pillow bit was kind of obvious .A little reality is good in a soap when all you see are these farfetched concepts they throw at you all the time .Serial killers , Demonic possesion , people returning from the dead etc, etc.A dierhard Ejami fan .
By the way, like others have mentioned, not showing SAmi with Lucas couldn't keep him from being the baby's father. Bo's magic sperm might be contagious!!! :D
Mime Sex....and the secret hidden sex that they must have had before Hope got pissed off and ran away to shack up with Patrick. That magic sperm must have some wonderful quick aging material in it, too! Let's see...technically, Ciara should be 2?
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Will Sami get a new visit from the stork? · General Daytime News