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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jul 11 2008, 09:04 PM
:cheer: For Laura coming back, :frustration: that I have to watch Lulu in order to see her!! I guess this is going to mean Lulu is going to go nuts and probably see her mom in Shadybrook.

I thought people used to really like Lulu. What happened?

I wish I knew, I used to love her character too but I simply can't stand her anymore. Not only do I not care for her but every man they throw at her it seems to ruin them too. I'll take watching Maxie over her any day of the week :popcorn:
Oh I remember someone told Lulu if she kept up what she was doing she would wind up in Shadybrook sometime in the past couple weeks but I can't remember who it was... maybe Tracy? I bet you're right about this.

As for what happened to Lulu... I am a fairly new GH viewer so I have no built up reserve of goodwill or excitement for the character but what I've seen of her in the past year I just don't get why all the guys are into her and no one wants Maxie.
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