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Steve Frame
Jul 11 2008, 01:43 PM
The imposter playing Lily

Oh Nelson, you know I love you and I support you big time, but I so wish you had not said ----well typed that.

I hated when ABC bought into this new fan thing of faux or fake or whatever the fans call it these days. I hated that ABC villified fans saying that by making a big promo of it and now here you go villifying it.

I love Martha Byrne too and hated to lose her, but so did I with many others through my years of watching soaps. But I still loved the character - the character was still the same. I wish we could get back into that mode - I think soaps would be a whole lot better off - if once again the fans thought of it as being about the characters and not who is playing them.
This is nothing new, other than networks making inappropriate promos. Viewers have always had an opinion as to who is playing the roles on soaps, and which version of a character they liked better. People may not have known their names back in the old days, but they still knew they "liked the old Ashley(or whoever) better"
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