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Steve Frame
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They were never known as fake or faux or as imposter though.

They were still just the character.

They didn't quit watching because so and so was replaced or there was a new face in the role or anything. Many roles were recast - even big ones - because the characters were essential to the story and things just went on.

Today it is a totally different thing than what it used to be and that was my point.

I hate to see any one in the limelight villify what the fans have come up with. The ABC campaign was tasteless and I am glad they got called out by the soap press for it. To villify by saying "the real Greenlee" has returned.

I just think it sets a bad precedent for a journalist to say the imposter portraying Lily, because again it is villifying what fans are doing these days.

In the 70's in particular I saw the big roles of several performers recast: most of the leads on Y&R; Amy Ames on The Secret Storm for awhile; Vicki Lord on OLTL; Rachel Davis on AW; Alice Frame on AW; Dan Stewart on ATWT; Leslie Bauer on GL; Tara Martin on AMC; Phil Brent on AMC; Susan Martin on Days; Laura Horton on Days; ---- just to name a few.

Do you think someone like Victoria Wyndham would have ever made it in the role of Rachel on Another World if the press had called her the imposter portraying Rachel. Robin Strasser was very very popular. They didn't. Fans accepted it and went on.
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