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Thoughts of Friday's episode...

I really liked it. Loved the Victor drama and Kate being there. I really like how this may be setting it up for Victor/Caroline, which I'm ready for. It's been 6 months since Shawn died and I like how they got the ball rolling this week on them should they choose to go there with them. Chelsea's little comment about Victor never getting over Caroline helped set the stage as well. It has been great seeing so much more of Victor and Caroline this month.

Loved all of Victor's loved ones being there and their interactions, especially Bo and Philip. The Chelsea occupational therapy stuff came off better then I thought. Thankfully, they had her mention not being on call at the BBQ as it reminded us of her going to Victor for a hospital job, who then asked Daniel for help with that. It kind of set things up well. I also liked the scene where Victor asked Caroline and Kate to look after his sons. Good stuff all around.

Kate/Chloe was fun. Glad we are hearing her refer to Nancy now. That was missing early this year. Loved the Hope/Lucas scenes. They haven't shared scenes in a long time and I love seeing family scenes, especially Horton ones.

Glad Max left. I did like the scene where he wrote the letter. The lighting was cool. I just want to get this adventure with him and Stephanie over so we can get back into the Trent stuff. I like the Max story when it focuses more on him and less on Stephanie AND him.

Nice ending too with Kate/Daniel's fling finally coming out. The endings have really improved and we seem to be getting more cliffhangers and more suspense now. Hope it continues. I wonder if Rick Draughon is helping that along.

I didn't mind the Max flashback because that was one of my favorite scenes this year (at least until Stephanie comes into the picture) and one of my favorite scenes of Darin's ever. The Chloe/Lucas flashback was stupid. Flashbacks were really the worst part of the week for me and one of the few things wrong this week. The show really is improving. Things are coming together and the flow and direction is much better. It's not a perfect show right now but it's definitely the best it's been since mid-March IMO.

A very solid week for the show IMO. Monday looks like a fun episode so I look forward to it.
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