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^Your right, Steve. Fans were just more accepting back then of alot of things. So many of the things that were given chances, even up to 10 years ago, would be panned right off the bat now. If that had happened back then, who knows what would've happened to the soaps and many other shows.

The problem is back then people were just in it for the stories. They cared about the quality. They just wanted good stories. You had fans of the whole show. Now, most fans only tune in for certain characters or couples and the fans who count and determine which shows stay and go are fans who only tune in for the action and events and not for the little moments that made soaps great. They don't stick around for the whole story. They could care less about whether a writer plays each beat, unlike the die hard fans like us on boards like this. It's really sad.

I'm in the process of interviewing a recently retired university professor who did major research on television shows, ratings, changes over the years, and the like. He retired back in May but had my nephew as a student this past year so I went up and talked to him and we are supposed to be meeting soon. He's going to research some things for me too via contacts he has. I'm just curious to see if some of the observations we've all discussed are accurate. I know many of different ages who watch soaps and have differing reactions. It's just interesting to look into and I can't wait to find answers.
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