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Film.com has composed a list of the "Top 10 Big Brother Villains," and I couldn't believe who made #1. What the FUCK?! LoL Their description of Joshuah is spot on, though.

10.) Eric Littmann, aka "Cappy," Season 6
Villain style: Hero
Yes, Cappy. The Boston firefighter talked a lot about honor, but he used it as a cudgel, challenging anyone he deemed less ... well, honorable. For reasons we still can't fathom, he gained the slavish devotion of housemate Ivette. Apparently she didn't notice he was an angry guy with a Napoleon complex.

9.) Shannon Dragoo, Season 2

Villain style: Mean girl
Oh no, she did not just scrub the toilet with Hardy's toothbrush! The one-time calendar model was probably your worst nightmare in high school: bitchy, arrogant and unapologetic, traits that got her cast on Big Brother and enthralled Dr. Will.

8.) Joe Barber, Season 8
Villain style: Backstabber
He was the gay best friend who listened to people's secrets ... then blabbed them all over the house. A receptionist from Chicago, Barber gave himself away on the first episode, though, when he blurted that his ex-boyfriend and surprise housemate, Dustin, gave him gonorrhea.

7.) Scott Long, Season 5, and Jase Wirey, Season 5 and Big Brother 7: All-Stars
Villain style: Bullies
The mandanna men were worst when they were paired up, marauding through the house like drunken frat boys looking for a kegger and a victim to torment. They got their comeuppance when their bromance shattered and Scott's shortcomings were revealed in naked pix circulating on the internet.

6.) Joshuah Welch, Season 9

Villain style: Attention whore
He's probably bookmarking this as we speak. Welch, a media buyer from Texas, so wanted to be the next Evel Dick, but he only achieved half that title. Mugging for the camera and going off on unprovoked rants, he didn't play the game so much as act it.

5.) Will Kirby, Seasons 2 and 7
Villain style: Dr. Charm
We loved him, we hated him, we hated to love him. The cosmetic surgeon and evil genius convinced his housemates (whom he later savaged in diary-room confessions) to trust him by not trusting him. He took the $500,000 prize in Season 2, but his heart wasn't in All-Stars and his sour disposition took some of the shine off his celebrity.

4.) Alison Irwin, Seasons 4 and 7
Villain style: Manipulator
She used masculine cojones and feminine cunning (OK, sluttiness) to make it to the final two, but the former Pennsylvania pageant queen's aggressive gameplay cost her the grand prize. Turned out the jury of stepped-on housemates hated her as much as the viewers did.

3.) Mike "Boogie" Malin, Seasons 2 and 7
Villain style: Douchebag
Boogie, co-owner of trendy celebrity hangout Les Deux, had a nice-guy persona in BB2. That evaporated in All-Stars, where he emerged as an overgrown adolescent with a cruel streak. After sleeping with Pilates instructor Erika (who must have a "kick me" sign on her back) he tells the camera: "It kinda turned into a ho-mance. And I'm just glad that American knows that Erika is in fact, a ho." And yet, he won.

2.) "Evel" Dick Donato, Season 8
Villain style: Abuser
The middle-aged L.A. bartender was the most controversial and complicated player in the show's history. His bile-laced tirades -- mostly against the women in the house -- were ugly and even painful to watch, but he also had an undeniable charisma that kept us glued to the feeds and secretly rooting for him to win. He did.

1.) Maggie Ausburn, Season 6
Villain style: Cult leader
The California nurse is the top villain because she pretended to wear a halo. Like her secret partner, Cappy, she fed a good-vs.-evil feud among housemates, casting herself and her sycophants, creepily called The Friendship, as the good ones. By design or default, she gained power by denouncing players who wanted to gain power. She used loyalty to get her followers to do her bidding, and she never left a fingerprint. She won the game, but The Friendship probably needed deprogramming after the show was over.
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