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Politics being thrust into a creative medium the style of soaps or whathaveyou is pretty dangerous, when the key to success is long term building and promotion.

Two examples: Nicole/EJ and Phillip/Morgan both got a lot of people talking. Both couples have a lot of chemistry, potential, etc. If you're building those couples up then some schmuck comes along and tells you that you need to go in another direction, then that screws up everything you did and it kills whatever couple you were building up. I'm not talking pro-Dena, I'm talking pro-letting the head writer do his or her job without cutting their balls off (so to speak).

Like the whole Hogan Sheffer thing. I heard that one interview with one of the writers (some tom or tony casiello or whatever?) where he talked about the original plan for the Vendetta Origin storyline plus the whole EJ/Sami follow-up.. and what was said to have been written was so much better and made so much more sense than what actually did happen. And it cost the show big time. All thanks to some dope listening to the NBC message boards for Days and demanding the show extend the storyline out another two weeks or so.

I think Sheff gets a bad wrap about the "not wanting to write for the vets", because it seems to me that it's more likely that he got them taken away from him when shit was just starting to get hot. The plan for the whole John thing, as I recall, was that there was going to be a bit of a love story connection while he was in the coma and all that came of it IIRC were one or two scenes with Marlena over a two month period.

I hate when suits, who obviously live in a creative void, try to dictate the direction of a show.
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