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Some sounds possible and some seems exaggerated. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Dena had an idea to try some new pairings but TPTB don't want to upset fanbases. Not saying her pairings are the greatest ideas in the world, but nothing wrong with mixing things up. But again the problem comes back to why should I get my hopes up in getting involved with a new couple when you know at some point the original pairing will be back even if the new couple has more/better stories. Take a Java pairing. Say there is buzz about it, do you really think they will go that long with this pairing at the risk of upsetting Jarlena fans. This is just how I feel with past experiences with this show.

I too have heard the different interviews with Tom Casiello and that their stories were changed from the original plan. I would also not be shocked at all that TPTB are doing the same thing to Dena. Not giving her or Hogan a free pass, but I do believe the problems with Days are not simply who is writing the show.
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