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Jul 13 2008, 09:00 AM
This if true seems like a bit of old gossip... I read weeks ago that TB was so well received that there was speculation that she would be asked back and it seemed like she was happy that the door was open because she really liked working on the soap and had made friends there. It was unclear whether or not she would be back. I suppose the writing of her character may have changed a bit to allow the possibilty of her return sometime down the road.

As far as the backstage gossip about the Nicole character - no gossip there really it has been known for a long time that Nicole was going to be involved in a number of stories and that she was not going to be paired with any one character specifically. That was the plan and it seems to be playing out that way.

I read awhile back that both Bryan and Nadia knew that their characters were going to be paired with another character infact they had a wish list .... Bryan listed Nadia on his pairing wish list, Nadia however did not list Bryan on hers.

The reason I think these rumors if true are dated is because I would think if they were more current they would include more about why Joe M is returning and the reason for that decison and they would also include more backstage talk about Ali's pregnancy.

If I had to guess how old those whispers are I would say May or early June!
OK, in my defense.....this question was brought up at another board, and the person answering it apparently knows someone working in the studio. Frankly, this person has been right before on things, but whatever. It certainly isn't the first person that I know of who frequents the studio who has hinted about this kind of stuff.

And the speculation about Ali could simply be that SHE hasn't made any decisions and they want to see how she can handle two jobs before either allowing her to do both or forcing her hand to make a decision for her health.

And, by the way, the question about backstage gossip was directed more to the EJ, et al thing and Java. Joe was never brought up, so the person didn't answer that.

But then again, they're not very EJami friendly, are they? ;) I can understand your hesitancy in wanting to believe them.
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