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Jul 13 2008, 01:04 PM
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Jul 13 2008, 07:45 AM
Sounds like someone with an anti-Deidre agenda and too much time on their hands.
*The reference to Java as a "hit" despite the tanking households and demos since they were moved front and centre. TB has been well received and has decent chemistry with Drake but to call them a "hit" is- at the very least- an exaggeration
*The implication that Deidre has the power to "put a stop" to a story she doesn't like.
*The dig at Deidre as the "odd, older woman"
So, again, the blame for the ratings goes on ONE couple? I'm sorry. I can't buy your reasoning. Certainly, the personality of the Great Ms. Hall falls somewhere in the middle, but based on what I've heard in the past (and from people who have been involved, from people who know those working in the studio, and from people who have attended fan events), I'm not surprised at all.
WHY, despite decent arguments to the contrary by folks who look at ALL the aspects of ratings, does this old argument of blaming one couple keep going? ARRGHH

LOL, I had a feeling my point would be straw-manned as such. I'm NOT attributing sole or even significant blame to Java for the ratings. However, there's a big difference between asserting that a couple is "not to blame" for a dramatic ratings slide and claiming that they are a "hit" in the midst of that slide. DAYS lost 300,000 viewers in the month of June alone. It plummeted to new lows in each of the major demos. In that context, it's pretty laughable referring to anything on the show as a "hit".

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