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Days doesn't have any "hits" right now. I love EJ and Nicole together, but they can't be declared a hit either. Neither can Phil/Morgan, Lucas/Chloe or John/Ava. The ratings are going down, and when you consider who's been on the most and the focus, that has to be considered. It's not THE sole reason, but it's a part of it. Esp since there hasen't been any good buzz about it.

Jul 13 2008, 06:46 AM
OK, I got this off of another board that has a "Backstage Drama" thread. (Don't know if I'm allowed to mention the board, but Tripp and Paxton know about it.) Here's the scoop, paraphrased (and the poster put on that she is NOT the direct source):

There have been backstage politics & squabbles, network demands, and Dena Higley was given a come-to-Jesus. TPTB demanded rewrites and restructuring, the reason for the quick and nonstop couple shuffling. And there will be more. Nicole gets lots of story coming up, but it's still up in the air as to whether EJ will be her guy. They still have not determined a long-term partner for her. Actually, the entire Nicole/E.J./Sami/Lucas/Chloe/Phillip/Morgan mess is still not set in stone, although DH is strongly wanting to write for Lucas/Chloe and Phillip/Morgan this summer. The problem there is that "Lumi" and "Phloe" fans are still strongly supporting those couples, and so the networks don't want to throw in those towels just yet. Also, Tamara Braun was a hit as Ava and it was not just the audience who loved her work with Drake Hogestyn. "Java" was a hit with higher-ups as well, and attempts will be made to get TB back, if they haven't been already come to an agreement. However, even if TB does come back, Deidre Hall can put a stop to "Java", and TB will be chem-tested again elsewhere. Just as with the John/Isabella pairing, DeHa is NOT happy being the odd, older woman out in a triangle, and she may get her way. The show is still in trouble.
She didn't hear anything about EJami. She's not sure if it's completely shelved, but it certainly isn't high priority.
One of us can post more as we hear about it.
So, well, I guess I'll find my happiness with Days when I can. Sounds like it won't last long. Maybe I'll bombard the NBC board! :huh:

"If I had all the power people say I have, wouldn't I have a storyline right now?" - Deidre Hall

Deidre has always seemed to me to be of the belif that her job is not to write, it is not to meddle, it's to take what's written on the page and make it come alive even when it's crap. She's an actress, not a writer.

And I have yet to read a bad comment about DH from anyone with a face and that doesn't come from a "source of a source" or an "insider". I have no doubt Deidre can speak her mind if she's provoked, she's said as much, but she's first and foremost a pro. You don't survive in the business she's in without being a professional.

LOL, wasn't I reading on this very board the other day that some of you (including some posting here) said Deidre's not the type to speak up if she doesn't like something, and that she should try to speak up and voice her opinions more? And now this. Peaches, as you said, it's a compliment to her in a way that she does always get buzz, though apparently people just make up different theories about her in order to make that happen.

Ponz, great posts. Completely agree - sounds like someone with an agenda. And the TelevisionWithoutPity board (where "LadyoftheLake" got this) is hardly a Deidre/J&M-friendly zone. I've stopped reading it regularly, because I can't remember any pro-Deidre/J&M posts in at least the past year. That is not an exaggeration. Hardly the place for impartial 'backstage info', if there exists such a thing in the first place.

TWOP isen't pro-anything. All they do is rant.
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