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First off, Lady of the Lake was simply bringing this stuff over here for us to read and comment. She didn't say that this was all likely true or true at all. I get info like this all the time but alot of it either doesn't pan out (especially given how many times Days changes gears) or is stuff that really doesn't have enough credence behind it to report. Alot of the time the info comes off just like this...as if someone does have an agenda. All these are reasons why I never post what I do get.

Having said all that, with the exception of the Dee Hall part I've heard all this and do believe it. It definitely explains the lack of direction in May and June and it also fits in with spoilers which now have Lucas going back to jail (thereby stalling Lucas/Chloe). I do think this is info more or less that started leaking out in June. I don't think it pertains necessarily to the situation right now because I do think things have straightened out since Rick Draughon started. The stories have a direction now, at least I think they do.

Now, with the exception of demos, Days isn't that bad off ratings-wise. Yes, they lost viewers but ALL the soaps did in June. Days was around a 2.0-2.1 since February and they were at a 1.9 before the Wimbledon week so it's not like they've crashed in HH. The other soaps went down with them so I tend to think it's not all on the show. Yes, the show and it's faults are a big part of it but I also think all the preemptions in June and summer beginning hurt Days and soaps, in general. I also think the lack of excitement hurt too. This month already has been more exciting. It no longer seems like things are stuck in park anymore. Things are happening on a daily basis, which is a good sign IMO.

As for Dee, I was one who said she never seems to speak up forcefully for things she should. I've heard that for years now. However, there were rumors that she did speak up upon her return in 1991. I may be wrong but the rumor was that she pushed for Wayne to return soon after her as Roman and then, shortly after, she saw how popular John/Isabella was and made a push to put John back in Marlena's orbit. Again, this is something I've heard for years. I don't know if it's true, which is why I won't really comment on it since it's not clear if it is true. I love Dee and have no agenda against her at all. I liked all couples and characters involved back then. I have heard numerous times that she isn't forceful when it comes to story but all those whisperings have been in the past few years.

I'm glad Lady of the Lake started a thread like this because many people do get inside info and it's fun to comment, speculate, and what have you. Not everyone can always post it and some don't feel comfortable doing it because they don't want to look bad if it doesn't come to pass or whatever but I do think this kind of stuff is fun, especially with Days because this shit happens all the time.
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