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I think Dee has enough power to complain. She just doesn't, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. I, personally, hate those that complain about every little thing they get as an actor but, if she feels her character is being wronged (and let's face it her character was crap under JER his second run and now under Higley) she needs to say something. SN and MBE were very open in the media and behind the scenes about the way the Ava thing was handled and they got results. I know it's too late after the fact but they at least got something.

As for Java, we don't know what the studio is basing that on if that part of this info is true. Maybe alot of Tamara Braun fans sent feedback or maybe alot of Drake fans like the pairing. Then you also have many general fans that like them too. We don't know what the deal is. They may think it's a hit based on the feedback they have so far. We don't know what they are measuring or going by. I expect J&M fans to not deem them a hit and it's those fans that seem to be the only ones in this thread saying that.

I think it's right to say nothing on Days right now is a definitive hit. EJ/Nicole come close but that's it. Philip/Morgan hasn't gotten going enough yet to make an accurate judgment but they have the potential. John/Ava will likely fade before it can be determined they are a hit since Tamara is leaving. I do think the character of Ava was a hit. I think even those that hated the character (Steve/Kayla fans, J&M fans) at least appreciated the actress and wanted better for her and I noticed alot of those that disliked her seemed to like her when interacting with Nicole so I do think the character was well-received.
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