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Jul 13 2008, 08:13 PM
I'm a fan, and I know where she stands, and it makes me happy. I don't need her to do an article in SOD saying she hates what the writer is doing, because I already know she cares. I know that she does 100% to keep Marlena as close to the core of who Marlena is and should be.

There were some rumors in 03 that Deidre didn't like what Higley was doing to Marlena, but she didn't say a word to the media while Higley was there. IMO, you saw it in how she portrayed Marlena onscreen. Moments that were obviously supposed to drive Tony and Marlena closer, by having Marlena act out of character, but she played it as best she could. I don't need her to make a big statement or yell it out, because she tried to keep the parts of Marlena that she could true to who the character was.

I am not saying what fans thought, I'm saying what the actors said, the people getting the feedback and response. And they said that John/Isabella weren't a popular couple, so please, don't shoot the messenger. Rumors are rumors, but when several different people say the same thing without having to, to me, that's a reason to belive them.
Just curious why do you think Marlena was out of character by getting closer to Tony? From what I heard, Deidre pushed for "Mony." Thaao did not want "Mony" and has said so publicly. Yet Thaao got all the shit for Mony which he is still getting shit for, and Deidre received no backlash for that couple.

Thaao and Dee did push for Mony back in 1995. I do have an article to support that. They both wanted out of the John/Kristen thing.
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