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@ the no "hit" couples thing from earlier: It's hard to have a hit couple when they're still shuffling them about and haven't given them anything to run with. Nicole/EJ and Sami/EJ have a lot of chemistry, as do Phillip/Morgan. But none of them are together and are being given any sort of direction. Phillip / Morgan have the whole thing with her father, but no one knows where that's going. Nicole and EJ could have a good hunk of stuff to work with if you take the Trent factor into consideration. They're a much more versatile couple than EJ and Sami. And I figure they could be this show's new Supercouple. And I mean that in a "Hey, these people bring in the ratings" sort of way, but the writing has to be there to back it up.

@ the Marlena picture thing: John removed the picture of Stefano and put the picture of Marlena up there in a failed attempt to impress her. Wasn't he trying to woo her a little bit at the time and he had Stefano's picture replaced with one of her?
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