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^Somewhat. Recently, Heidi looks different. I'm not sure but it looks like she had something done to her face. Either that or her hair is different or something. I can't put my finger on it but she's lost something for me. I do see what your saying, Kirk. There is a resemblance. Not one of those shocking, uncanny ones, at least IMO, but they do look similar.

What I like about Shelley is that she isn't stick figure like some actresses nowadays. She has a nice figure, much like Nadia and Arianne.

I remember for a brief time in late 2004, KA looked fantastic. She kind of went back to her mid-90's hairstyle and it made her face look alot fuller. She still looks good a fair portion of the time but during that time, she looked amazing. It was almost like she was taken right out of 1995 LOL.
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