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Wow this thread is insane lol.

I can see where some of this could be true... because alot of the "couples" are a cluster fuck right now. So I can see how the rewrites and restructuring are possibly true... because it is playing out on the screen.

All I can say is if the actor/actresses have as much power as people think they do I don't know why the hell they aren't using it! Especially if you are a vet and created the role you play! That being said these people are professionals and they know they are there to act... not write.

On the flip side I hate when an actor/actress acts like they are the be all and end all... that they want things done "their way" or "no way". Joe M is a perfect example. He always says that he has laid down his demands with Corday and that he expects things to happen a certain way sl wise. Yet they never do happen his way... and he keeps coming back! That to me proves how much "power" the actors/actresses have!

I say the ultimate power and actor/actress has is their contract! They have the power whether or not to resign.
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