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Jul 13 2008, 10:56 PM
Just curious why do you think Marlena was out of character by getting closer to Tony? From what I heard, Deidre pushed for "Mony." Thaao did not want "Mony" and has said so publicly. Yet Thaao got all the shit for Mony which he is still getting shit for, and Deidre received no backlash for that couple.

Thaao and Dee did push for Mony back in 1995. I do have an article to support that. They both wanted out of the John/Kristen thing.
Because Marlena is not a woman to be confused about a man she has never had romantic feelings for. And Higley wrote Marlena as confused, and Marlena is a character who strives to never be confused or out of control of her life. Too much has happened for her to let that happen. Esp after the affair. That wasen't just an affair for fun's sake, it was a mistake she made and paid for, and we saw her struggle to regain the control of her life. It was belivable to me only because of who the guy was and the build up. We saw the build up for a year and a half. And in 2003, she was fully committed, married to and completely in love with her husband. John. The writing was a mess overall though at that time (2003).

Pushing for it in 1995 and pushing for it in 2003 are two very different things. Deidre and Thaao are buds, and who can blame them for wanting out of that in 1995, fan or not, because Kristen/John was horrid for all four characters (IMO, Kristen was horrid for all four). Even I wouldn't have minded if Marlena had gone out with Tony in 1995, and I enjoyed their friendship, and that was it. But she didn't push for Marlena to end up with Tony in 2003.

No one's blaming Thaao either, I certainly haven't seen any friends of mine who are J&M fans blame Thaao for it. The one who pushed for "Mony" was Higley. Thaao and Deidre both did their best to keep their characters in character, that was evident onscreen. Moments that were obviously written to be plot driven "moments" were played down and kept in character.
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