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Jul 13 2008, 10:29 PM
The fans you are talking about, Ellie, are the show's core fans. They may be people who have watched since the beginning, like my grandmother, or people who more or less still watch out of habit or just love of the show. I know many like that for many soaps. They probably do make up a good percentage of the Nielson system. That wouldn't surprise me.

I don't think we get a distorted view online because I've actually witnessed people in real life turn off a TV or only watch if their favorite character/couple is on and there are definitely many online that do that or just watch youtube clips of their faves instead of viewing the whole show. Usually, they will watch the first act and turn it off if they don't see who they like (which is stupid now because Days will have characters pop up during the show. Fans are quite fickle now and that is the case for all soaps but especially Days.

I know we disagree alot but I do appreciate the way you respond. It's not antagonistic or forceful. I like that we can have respectful debates like this and I look forward to many more :smile: .
Ok guys, this is your grandmother talking! Yes, I am old enough to be your grandmother (or at least your mother) ;) and I have been watching since the beginning and you are right Tim about it being a love of the show (or a habit) or both. I do have my favorites and sometimes get frustrated with how they are written, but I guess I just wait it out because I know from past experience that this too will pass. Another head writer will come along and things will change again. I can't believe that no one here, or any where else that I have seen, have ever suggested that Corday just write his own show and skip the middle man! :D God help us all if that happened!
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