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LW: Was there anything that you felt crossed the line or were you up for anything?

TR: I was never crazy about the incest storyline with Whitney and Chad.


LW: Which storyline did you enjoy playing out the most?

TR: I loved the Julian and Eve falling back in love storyline. It was so well written and romantic and Ben is such a wonderful actor. It was playing Romeo and Juliet.


LW: Vincent giving birth to his fatherís child has certainly been one of the strangest and most dividing storylines among the fans. What did you think of the story and what was it like to play out those scenes?

TR: That storyline made me physically nauseous. It was only Maria O'Brien (Passions acting coach) who could get me to see the comedic possibilities.

Who wouldn't be disgusted with that crappy storyline? :puke:

TR: I wish there had been time for Eve and Julian to get married but I'm happy they ended up together.

I wanted Julian & Eve to get married. That means that Evian is NOT one of 3 couples to get marry.

LW:Do you still see any of the cast now that filming is over?

TR: I live kind of far out-of-town and feel like I miss a lot of opportunities to hang-out. I saw Mac (Sheridan) at an Emmy party. I went to a comedy revue that Emily (Fancy) was in. I saw James (Sam) and a lot of the cast at his wife, Sue-Ling's art show. I email Kim (Ivy) all the time and Dana Sparks (Grace) and I live near each other. I wish I lived closer to everyone. I miss seeing their beautiful faces.

That's cool that she & Dana are neighbors. I would love to be neighbors with them.

LW: Did it take awhile for it to sink in that it was over or did you easily adjust to life after Passions?

TR: I've decided to stay in a state of denial. I just keep pretending that were all on hiatus.

Me too. I didn't want to except that there will be no more Passions.

was at the production office the day all the Passions episode DVDs were about to go into the trash. I put them all in my car so now I have a copy of each episode of the whole nine years. I'm really happy about that.

Can I have some copies? LOL! I would have so happy if I had gotten my hands on those DVDs.

LW: What having you been doing since Passions ended? Do you have any new projects in the works?

TR: I guess I've given myself the summer off because all I do is lay in bed all day with my laptop on my stomach watching reruns of "Bridezilla" on TV. (laughs)


If Passions do continue or Reilly is writing for Tracy on some show, he better not kill her character off because she didn't enjoy his disgusting stories. I will bitch slap him myself. lol

I enjoyed reading this interview.

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