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Steve Frame
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Paul Rauch's AW was some of the best produced television out there. There was no camp or anything on it. The campiest thing he did or him and Harding was to have Louise Goddard give her pets name and make Vivian Gorrow very eccentric. But neither were over the top or anything like that.

I think Rauch fell victim to the big front in soaps when he was on them in the 80's. The networks were pushing for the next Luke & Laura, the next Mikkos Cassadine freezing the world, the next Stefano DiMera, the next shocking story, and then at GL by that time all of them were looking for the next devil possession story, etc.

It is just like NBC telling the producers and writers to make Another World just like Days of Our Lives in the late 80's and 90's. It was ridiculous.

Soaps in the 60's and 70's, copied stories and the like from each other but they did them within the style and format of their show - they didn't try to make the shows clone of the other shows. that all changed in the 80's. Every soap tried to be just like GH and then later they all tried to be over the top just like Days with the possession story and all.


I know a lot of people keep talking about getting Kay Alden and Jack Smith back since they were brought up under Bell. I personally even they were unfaithful to a lot of what made Bell's Y&R strong esp. Jack Smith. I completely quit watching under him.

No one is going to write it just like Bell. I am not sure why but Nixon and Bell were not able to groom their proteges as well as Irna Phillips was able to groom them. Nixon and Bell wrote very much in the Phillips fashion but I don't think Alden or Bell or even Pat Falken Smith & Sherri Anderson who were also two of Bell's proteges ever stuck to what they learned under Bell.

Also look at people like Tom Langan who was groomed under Bell. He definitely didn't learn anything.

Y&R will never be as great as it was under Bell. I personally think if Rauch sticks to what he did at AW he can be good for Y&R - very good for it.
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