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Nelson, I have to disagree with you on ATWT. I find the whole thing with Casey and Emily to be boring and repetitive. So Emily has slept with another member of the Hughes family!!!! Blah, Blah, Blah!!!! Been There, Done That!!!!

The character Of Emily has been used up for years and Kelly Hensley has NEVER truly been an acceptable replacement for the great Melanie Smith. Time for the powers that be to cut their losses with the character and the actress. If firing their leading man's wife pissses hubby Jon off, so be it!!!

While TPTB are at it, they can also cut their losses with Roger Howarth and Marie Wilson. Paul and Meg have been beyond boring for way too long!!! TPTB such as P&G hack Brent Miller need to stop whing and blaming the Nuke storyline for all the problems on their "stupid show" and deal with the rest of the crap they are shoving down the audience's throats. Period. End Of Story.
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