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Lol I just don't know where Sami is really at. It's all just so confusing, and this mess that is Ejami...OY. The whole thing gives me a headache, but I LOVED EJ today (cdn show). He finally understands Sami - she's not this hot villainess he thought she was, she is a misguided little girl who acts irrationally in hopes of acheiving some stupid, idyllic dream. This is who Sami is, at her core... the scenes were enjoyable because now that he gets her, he's not all that interested.

I realized I never liked Ejami for superficial reasons anyway, they just don't look that great together. I like Ali, I think she is very pretty but compared to Ari Zuker, well........you know what I mean. Why someone like EJ would go for someone like Sami has never really made sense to me. Pretty face, the rest eh.

I'm not sold on Kate and Daniel... but I do agree there is more chemistry than with Chelsea, which is so awful and forced. lol, the one thing that will seal this is some flashbacks - I need to see if they are hot or awkward but a part of me will be internally gagging due to the Chelsea situation. LOL but it is funny. I just found 'Date' a TAD forced.................I'm not really sure why................

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