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Jul 15 2008, 12:13 AM
Why isn't Sami mad at all at LUCAS finding out the supposed "love of her life" threw away his freedom and a comfortable life with his infant daughter at the mansion to go screw Chloe in an elevator? I mean she's about having a stroke she's so filled with rage over EJ sleeping with Nicole and Sami told EJ he had no chance with her. But she finds out Lucas slept with Chloe and so she throws pie at her? What?

I kind of think Dena Higley doesn't like the character.
You raise a good point, IMA. I wonder if Dena hates what has been done to the character and just doesn't want to bother. I mean, we know Ali is doing TBL and is having a baby so maybe Dena just doesn't care at this point. Who knows but it doesn't seem like any work is going into Sami or Lucas at all whereas EJ, Nicole, and even Chloe feel the opposite.

I will say that perhaps Sami isn't being hard on Lucas because she knows it was her fault. She slept with EJ and she did nothing to resolve the issues between her, Lucas, and EJ so she probably feels like she is responsible and she is projecting that anger on Chloe and not on herself. Or, maybe she just completely blames Chloe because Lucas and Chloe have no history and he doesn't usually sleep around so maybe she thinks she took advantage of him in a vulnerable state or something. Nicole and Sami have hated each other for years and I think Sami takes that fact and also the fact that she hurt EJ into account. I think she thinks EJ slept with Nicole as part of a scheme to win her back or to just get back at her or something and she figures Nicole may go along with that. Contrast that with Lucas, who hasn't been scheming to win her and who she has hurt so I think that is why she is acting the way she is right now. I actually find myself understanding her motivations far more now then before the elevator sex stuff.

I did enjoy today's show. The show really is improving by the day. The food fight was hilarious and I just love how Nicole just stood there and got some shots in. It was also funny when both Nicole and Chloe agreed and yelled out together that Sami was into EJ. Did not care for Gladiator guy making an appearance but whatever. Loved EJ getting smacked with the cake and the Chloe/Nicole scenes were nice. Also enjoyed the Phloe conversation. It was clear they both knew they hurt each other (Philip looking back, Chloe's sad look). Nadia really is improving lately. Liked the Philip/Morgan interaction too and I still appreciate very much Jay's limping. I like that he pays attention to detail and the character's history. I'm wondering if Kate is going to meddle a bit since they seem to be making a point of having her bear witness to some Philip/Morgan moments.

The Sami/EJ stuff was great. Love EJ's Dimera side emerging and Sami's not wanting to take responsibility for anything. I think she knows deep down she did it but she will never admit it, at least not yet. Good scenes. I feel like EJ is turning the tables on her, especially after reading what happens tomorrow and EJ mentioning how Sami lied about Lucas hitting Will. I feel like Dena may be trying to toss things at Sami that she did to others and I like it. It's the ultimate payback.

The Victor/Bo/Philip scenes were well-done. Loved them. Well-acted and written. This Victor story has amped up the dock wars story and is just what the story and show needed.

Loved the Daniel/Kate stuff. Liked Chelsea questioning Kate too and her little scene with Victor. The flashback made sense and seemed to fit in with the time period when Daniel was upset about Chelsea's illness and his past. I recall a scene in may sometime where Kate and Daniel were both at the Pub and it actually felt like a tossed in scene and nothing happened so it actually works, at least based on my memory LOL. I do like their chemistry and we know from spoilers we will get more flashbacks next week, which is good. These are the kind of flashbacks I like LOL. I think a Daniel/Kate pairing can still happen. I think it was handled well today. It all depends on how things unfold and I will take anything over Daniel/Chelsea (which could've worked IMO but they handled it all wrong). I know we went this route with Billie and Nick but that was a one night stand and this is sounding more like something that lasted for a bit. Not very long but for a small time period. I know the fact that we didn't see this unfold sucks but I do feel like it worked in a way and I think I see what Dena and Days tried to do (other then chemistry testing and feeling for what may work and then deciding on this direction). They set up Daniel to be this "miracle worker", heroic figure with a perfect image and a tragic past. It was all too apparent all along that this guy was too perfect. He had to have more to him. I think the idea was to pull the rug out from under people with this. Only problem was many saw it coming because they laid on the "Daniel is perfect in every way" stuff a little too thick, which is fine. I still find myself interested now that Kate is involved and my belief in my theory that Chan is not long-term has been strengthened.

This was a nice start to the week. I hope Days keeps this up because, like Kirk said, the Olympics are coming and they need to be good.
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