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I really like the writing for Sami/EJ lately, but itīs still hard to tell if itīs just another their mating dance or if it really means the end of Ejami. Right now I would almost tell the second, especially with what we know about AS real life situation. With Dena I think there is a good chance Ejole will get serious, because she likes Nicol, but who knows what Corday will demand.

As for the Kate/Daniel sudden revelation, it screams rewrite, but atleast the show finally admitted Chan are bust. I think originally Daniel had an affair with Lexie, but they canceled it at the last moment due the autism storyline so Abe/Lexie can overcome it together, but whatever. I like the chemistry and I like that it doesnīt look the affair will be just an obstacle for Chan because there was a definitive hint of jelousy and resentment from Kate after Daniel dismissed her so easy and confessed his undying love for Chelsea.

I think Chelsea/Dan eventually split and Chelsea will crawl back to Nick again, but meantime he will get already interested in Melanie.
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