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Well, I'm glad she got to take some things home. The DVD's should be fun as she can look back at things and I like that her and Eric took the nameplates.

It figures that her favorite stories are from a time when most were hooked on Passions. I will say the Evian love story is actually one of the few things that wasn't botched completely in the later years. Sure, their crappy breakup in 2006 was dumb but, other then that, I think Evian continued to be a solid story.

I like that she points out the incest story and how she had to look at the comedic side of the Vincent stuff to get through it. I liked Vincent as the stalker and the reveal of him as Evian's son but the whole pregnancy thing was just too much, just like the incest was (which sucked more or less because of how it was handled more then anything else).

This was a good article. I look forward to reading more, which I suspect will continue to filter out as we near the end. I wonder if others will point out things they didn't like. I would assume yes since actors and actresses always seem too when they know they are done with a show.
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