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Jul 15 2008, 01:34 AM
^I think so too, Jane, although that depends on if Melvin and Berris didn't have a falling out, which is a big reason why I feel they stuck Chelsea with Daniel.

The fact that Chan were not in the "Summer of Romance" promo and aren't being hyped at all tells me the show realized they flopped before they even got started. In my last post, I was pointing out how the Daniel/Kate stuff actually came off making sense but you are right that it was probably a re-write in some form. Whether they wanted it only to be an obstacle to Chan or wanted Lexie to be involved, who knows. I tend to think Days was just feeling around and then once Chan failed, they decided to just go with this. We'll see how it turns out (although I'm still concerned because SOW gave Chan and the whole exploration of the age difference in a relationship angle a hit this week). It's definitely more interesting though with Kate involved now.

I think your right about EJ/Nicole. EJ seems to be losing interest in Sami. He seems pissed and is fed up with her behavior. I'm really liking where this is going because I see it as Sami being put through what she put others through over the years. It's almost like Sami is revisiting history only she is the victim of some of the very same things she did to others. It's poetic justice.
I disagree about Chan, I think its full speed ahead for these two right up until Chelsea finds out that Granny Kate bedded Danny boy and I agree that EJ is moving on from Sami.

I'm still having a hard time with a lot of the stories. I wish they would be more developed like the Lucas and Chloe pairing. I still don't see Lucas risking going back to jail to 'be there for Chloe' when they have hardly had any interaction. Similar thing for Dan and Kate.......they did what?

Philip and Morgan are so-so but could use a bit more development, is he using her or is he truly attracted to her and if so why?

They only things that I really enjoy are Nicole and EJ and Victor and his sons. All are extremely well acted and either I know enough about the background of the stories that I give a damn.
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