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Jul 15 2008, 08:15 AM
I love the writing for Sami lately. I felt like I was watching a JER episode on Monday and it made me extremely happy. Sami going off on anyone who will listen and taking no responsiblity...that's the character I love! :D
I agree; it felt like we got some old school Sami on Monday. I hope the trend continues.

Like others, I was also wondering why Sami wasn't putting any of the blame on Lucas for the elevator sex with Chloe, but I decided it was because he wasn't there at the time and Chloe was so she got the brunt of Sami's anger. If Lucas was available and not locked up in jail, I think he would have had something thrown at him also. Although there is a trend for Sami to look at Lucas through rose-colored glasses. Like EJ mentioned, she's built up this false vision of perfection in her head, where her life will be perfect if she and Lucas are together with their children.
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