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Jul 15 2008, 12:56 AM
The whole thing gives me a headache, but I LOVED EJ today (cdn show). He finally understands Sami - she's not this hot villainess he thought she was, she is a misguided little girl who acts irrationally in hopes of acheiving some stupid, idyllic dream. This is who Sami is, at her core... the scenes were enjoyable because now that he gets her, he's not all that interested.

You have no idea how encouraging this is. I loved how plain it was in yesterday's show that EJ only followed Sami because she was making a threat about the children, and even then he didn't leap right up and follow her. Those DiMera wheels were turning and I loved it.

Morgan is definitely a pro at both eavesdropping and interrupting. For a supposed old-money southern lady she certainly doesn't have very good manners. I for one wanted to hear more of Philip and Chloe discussing the fallout from her having sex with Lucas but of course Morgan's package was more important. There was real emotion between the two of them yesterday, much more than I see with Philip towards Morgan. I doubt Dena is writing for Phloe ultimately but at least she permitted a brief and clearly heartfelt talk.

I have yet to see Philip either show a tinge of remorse over how he treats Morgan (using her) and I also have yet to see Philip have any interaction with Morgan that doesn't directly involve her father. At what point, if they are going with this pairing, am I supposed to be able to tell that Philip is feeling conflicted over how he treats her? So far all I've seen is that he's scared he screwed up the Kiriakis legacy--not that his actions have potentially scarred a young woman for life. Every single thing he's ever done relating to Morgan has an ulterior motive.

I don't think I could love Nicole more. "Do you call your mommy every time you have sex?" I'm on board for more wary Chloe/Nicole frienemy scenes.

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