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Jul 15 2008, 01:00 PM
That St. Lucas is so wonderful because he deigns to accept and love the extremely flawed Sami Brady is not romantic or accurate to the characters.

I mean the writing bears out that Sami has delusions about what Lucas is capable of and puts him on the pedestal when she confronted EJ about sleeping with Nicole she threw her belief that Lucas would never screw some tramp in an elevator in his face, while at the same time he was having sex with Chloe.

So that is why I was expecting more from Sami after finding out the truth about Lucas.
I completely agree. I think Lucas and Sami are toxic with each other, and I feel the same way about EJ and Sami, just for different reasons. Sami alone is what I'm hoping for; that, or she can go surfing with Dr. Dan.

I agree that Sami should be more angry with Lucas, and I haven't seen today's show yet so I don't know what she says, but it doesn't strike me as too bad that she hasn't yet blamed Lucas. She hasn't seen him, nor has she really had time to really confront what he did. She automatically freaked out with Chloe, then was angry at EJ because he was pointing out how attractive Chloe is and that basically Sami has nobody but herself to blame for both men seeking out other women. Then Sami threw out her threat (which is vintage) that she's taking the children and leaving, and the focus shifted there.

I have to believe, I guess because I'm trying to be optimistic here, that Sami will confront Lucas and honestly face what's going on with them. I'm no Lucas fan, but I really don't think he was leading her on that they were together or going to be together soon. I'm not excusing the elevator romp, which I hated because I thought it was extremely unfair to Chloe, but Sami doesn't have much ground to stand on when it comes to thinking Lucas should have waited in celibacy for her, when she knew he was still dealing with a lot of anger.

To me, though, what makes the most sense is to have Sami light into him for risking going back to jail and losing the next nine or so years with Allie. She should rightfully castigate him for his wrongful prioritizing, plus she could ask, like Philip did, what was wrong with the telephone if he needed a friend.
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