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Daily spoilers

Monday, July 28th
After taking a bullet for Morgan, Philip lies unconscious; Kate is beside herself with worry; Bo and Hope interview Morgan at the police station; Ava tells John about Judge Fitzpatrick.

Tuesday, July 29th
Max runs into a tabloid journalist he had a fling with a few years earlier; E.J. tells Nicole he doesn't want anything to do with Sami; Trent tells Nicole he needs to speak with her; Marlena runs into Trent at the Java Cafe.

Wednesday, July 30th
John reveals that he is responsible for Paul's disappearance and is trying to pin it on Philip; Daniel blames Kate for sending Victor's blood pressure through the roof; Morgan visits Philip, who is still unconscious, and confesses she's fallen for him.

Thursday, July 31st
Max is approached by a mysterious figure; Nick sees pictures of Melanie and can't place where he's seen her; Sami and E.J. bond over family time; Nicole and Chloe find Lucas, badly beaten, at a hospital; Nicole comes to E.J. for legal advice.

Friday, August 1st
Hope and Roman go over the e-mail asking what happened to the evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case; Philip reveals that he heard Morgan's confession of love while he was unconscious; Maggie finds Chloe doting on Lucas in the hospital.

**UPDATED 7/22**

Daytime Dial spoilers
The week of July 28:

Bo admits to Hope that he tampered with police evidence.

John tells Ava he’s responsible for Paul’s disappearance.

Nicole reveals to EJ that she is still married to Trent.

Lucas invites Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin, pictured) to stay with him at the Horton cabin.

Victor flatlines when Kate tells him that Philip was shot.

VCR Alerts
Thursday – Max is approached by a man demanding money in exchange for Melanie’s life.

Friday – Philip tells Morgan he heard her confession and is falling in love with her too.


CDN TV Guide spoilers

Philip takes a bullet for Morgan at the DiMera mansion and ruptures a major artery; Ava and John become intimate.

Marlena tells EJ she is displeased with how he's treating her daughter; Stephanie meets a boy who knows Melanie personally.

Morgan confesses that she loves Philip, much to Chloe's chagrin; John reveals that he's responsible for Paul's disappearance.

Max is approached by a mysterious figure at a French bistro; Sami and EJ bond over family time.

Bo visits Philip in the hospital; Maggie discovers Chloe doting on Philip in the hospital.

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