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Ok...what is so rushed about Philip and Morgan? She admits she's fallen for him. It's not like she is pledging her undying love. She has feelings for him and they have been interacting since March and have been heating up since early June. It's not rushed. Now, if this were sex, sure that would be rushing it. The only part of their story I think is rushed was the kiss in June. That was rushed in awkward but it was also a vulnerable moment for them. I like this and, as Jane said, it's classic soap. He took a bullet for her so it's only natural she would tell him that she cares about him.

The Trent/Marlena interaction intrigues me and I love seeing a Maggie spoiler. I also love seeing Nicole and Chloe together and I'm shocked by the evident Lucas/Chloe push. Sami/EJ sounds ok but I'm more interested in the Ejole stuff, personally. I wonder what happened to Lucas. I figured something had to happen to get him out of jail but I wonder what this is about.

I'm pretty sure John does what he does for Ava. Apparently, Philip is shot by Ava's goons, who confront Morgan and Philip so i bet John tries to spare Ava. Sounds good though. I also like that it seems like Hope and Roman are on Bo's trail and the Daniel/Kate/Victor one makes me chuckle and wonder actually LOL.

Stax sounds like crap but I like the spoiler about him meeting a girl from his playboy past and the Nick spoiler seems to be setting up a possible Nick/Melanie pairing. Interesting.

I'm a bit annoyed with all the hospital patients too but, as Jane said, the last few have had impact on story. Kate's setup the Daniel/Kate reveal, Victor's is pushing the dock war and Bo's involvement. and now Philip's will have a major impact on the dock wars and his relationship with Morgan.

Things seem to at least have a direction now and lots of things are happening so I feel pretty good about the show the next few weeks at least. I look forward to the next batch of these because they will be for the week the Olympics start and I suspect Stefano will be in those.
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