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I just don't think you can drag romances out anymore. You can't do what was done in the 80's and 90's and have it be 6 months to a first kiss and then another 6 months until something else happens. It's clear people get impatient. Having said that, things can't be rushed either and I feel like this has moved nicely. They came into each other's orbit in March and interacted for a bit. Philip then began to think about her and they began flirting. He was there for her and, as rushed as I feel the kiss was, it worked in a way because she was falling apart and he was all she had in that moment and they had been getting closer.

Now, in the past few weeks, the Paul thing has gotten to Morgan and the Chloe/Lucas thing has upset Philip on top of the Paul thing. Morgan has been a welcome distraction and they've grown even closer. Sounds like a reasonable pace to me as it has been 4 months and they've had ample screentime too but to each their own.
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