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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jul 16 2008, 03:01 PM
Daily spoilers

Monday, July 28th
After taking a bullet for Morgan, Philip lies unconscious; Kate is beside herself with worry; Bo and Hope interview Morgan at the police station; Ava tells John about Judge Fitzpatrick.

Tuesday, July 29th
Max runs into a tabloid journalist he had a fling with a few years earlier; E.J. tells Nicole he doesn't want anything to do with Sami; Trent tells Nicole he needs to speak with her; Marlena runs into Trent at the Java Cafe.

Wednesday, July 30th
John reveals that he is responsible for Paul's disappearance and is trying to pin it on Philip; Daniel blames Kate for sending Victor's blood pressure through the roof; Morgan visits Philip, who is still unconscious, and confesses she's fallen for him.

Thursday, July 31st
Max is approached by a mysterious figure; Nick sees pictures of Melanie and can't place where he's seen her; Sami and E.J. bond over family time; Nicole and Chloe find Lucas, badly beaten, at a hospital; Nicole comes to E.J. for legal advice.

Friday, August 1st
Hope and Roman go over the e-mail asking what happened to the evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case; Philip reveals that he heard Morgan's confession of love while he was unconscious; Maggie finds Chloe doting on Lucas in the hospital.
Now this actually sounds like a good week to me.

I'm not exactly certain where Phillip getting shot came from, but it sounds exciting and since I don't hate Phorgan but thought it was dumb to pair them if Phillip was blackmailing her dad, so I can deal with this being how they come together and admit their feelings for each other... at least until the tape comes out with Phillip threatening to kill him.

I'm excited for Kate being involved in this stuff, even if it is more hospital drama sure to involve Dr. Dan, and that Victor wasn't insta-cured as a plot point the way Kate was with her illness but this seems like something they'll play out longer.

I can deal with Stax in as small of doses as this.

I'm not sure about the Jawn stuff but holding out hope that this is actually him confessing to protect Ava (and what's this Judge Fitzpatrick stuff all about?). I am also expecting that Lucas got beat up at Jawn's order or by Ava's goons for knowing something about Paul Hollingsworth and that now that EJ is working with Jawn that when it comes out Sami will blame him for it, but I'm fine with that as long as EJ isn't actually the one responsible for beating the crap out of him because that's just too easy.

I am excited for the Sami and EJ bonding over family time thing for several reasons. Not just because I'm an EJami fan, but even if these EJami scenes are just crumbs while they really go for EJole I think it's just more realistic that EJ wouldn't totally have washed his hands of Sami as hung up on her he has been for two years especially when they share a child. And I had and have no interest in seeing them rehash the old Lumi custody battle story from ten years ago. While I know many people are so sick of EJami they just are nauseated to see this along with EJole, I am completely in an opposite camp whereas EJole is more palatable to me if it is happening in the context of an EJami-EJole triangle.

Very surprised (pleasantly) this show has the balls to actually have the Chloe-Lucas thing go further just because it gives us something new to watch and as much as I may not be all about Luloe, at the very least those scenes don't make me want to throw things at the TV the way that Lucas and Sami scenes do and who knows? Maybe seeing Chloe dote on Lucas while he is hurt will show something more to this. And I like that they are apparently continuing the Chloe-Nicole friendship if they are the ones to find Lucas.

I would have to say these spoilers back up a lot of the info that came from TWOP last week about what the show is thinking couples-wise whether everything in those rumors is true or not.
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