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Jul 16 2008, 04:42 PM
Jul 16 2008, 03:51 PM

Theo and Ciara's "playdate" pretty much told me how it's a mistake to write this story. I'm sorry, autism is a story that just doesn't play well on soaps...even with characters you might really care about. Soap kids are pretty just plot devices for action stories like kidnappings or illnesses where transplants are needed. Other times they can be used to prop another character (usually to show a former bad person being kind to a child means he/she has a heart of gold on the inside). But doing a story like this requires more than I think soaps can handle now. It takes proper setup for people to care about the characters AND their child (I don't care for the children of my favorite couples, much less Theo, son of Abe and Lexie who I wanted split years ago). It takes a sensitivity to the dialog and writing which must be reflected in everyone involved...especially the child. Up until now, we've heard Lexie and Abe go on and on about Theo, but now it's time to show us. Of course, the young boy they hired isn't ready to do such material...but it falls flat for him to talk in, say something random, they run off and then the behavior happens off camera. Audiences need to see this story play out first hand, not second hand. *sigh*

This is exactly why I have never been even mildly interested in this storyline. Where are they going to go with it? The parts of the story that could have been used for dramatic effect, such as Lexie and Abe receiving the diagnosis from the therapist, have played out off screen. We got the scene where they told Marlena, which was pretty good, but other than that there's been nothing of interest going on. Yes, it has created some conflict for Abe and Lexie but they've had problems for years and no one really cares any more. I believe Dena said on the Today show that this was going to continue on into the fall, but I don't see how they are going to sustain it that long, unless it's just used as filler. More play dates, more boring conversations between Abe and Lexie, more monotone delivery from the child actor....boring! After seeing the Brian Williams PSA during the show, I'm becoming convinced this was mandated by NBC, like the "green" shows.
I agree. The autism storyline is bad. We didn't even get to see when Abe and Lexie found out that Theo was autistic, and now pretty much all that we see is Theo acting kinda strange and saying "One, two, three, four" every now and then. The promoted it so much as this big story and yet it isn't really going anywhere.
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