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John and Ava get a whole lot closer this week when they take their relationship to the next level and make love. "Ava coming into John's life is validation for John," explains HW Dena Higley. "Nobody else likes him the way he is. After a while, even a guy who's as automous as John is, in his little robot-like way, wants some validation. I mean, he'd like somebody in his corner. All of a sudden, Ava comes along and she's beautiful and she's smart and she's telling him, 'You know what? I like you just the way you are.' And that's all he needs to hear. He's just so happy that somebody is not trying to tweak him or change him or force him to remember something that he doesn't want to be. That's what really draws him to Ava."

And John has already expressed his interest in her. "She (Ava) has helped him through a couple of things," details Drake Hogestyn (John), lately the disk, and supported him on any decision he's made. And now he's trying to help her find some housing."

"John is very, very basic and she is basic," offers Hogestyn. "She doesn't have anybody, he doesn't have anybody, and that's what brought these two together. Is it more physical than emotional? Absolutely. But that's the start of anything. John has no idea where it could go, or if it goes anywhere. But it stopped her from leaving and did buy him some time to see if there's something further down the line."

So, where does this leave Marlena? "Well, there has been absolutely no interaction," admits Hogestyn. "But I hear there's something big coming up. The spin of the ball will definitely change and it looks like a fast motion." Adds Higley, "Marlena wants John back. When I look at Marlena in this part of the story, it's like beginning acting class: What is your main objective? It's pure and simple. She wants her husband back, that's it. No ifs, ands or buts. Yes, she's intrigued by the new John, but that does not in any way color her decision that she's going full steam ahead toward getting John back. She's given up on the new John, but she never gives up on the old John."

So, is there still hope for John and Marlena fans? "Oh, absolutely," declares the scribe. "There's a whole wrinkle that's coming up that's completely unexpected that has nothing to do with the disk."

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