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Sneak Peeks:

Marlena and Roman confer about repairing the disk
Chloe says goodbye to Lucas
Hope accuses Bo of keeping secrets
Max and Stephanie inch closer to finding his sister
Bo cops to stealing police evidence
John and Ava make love on the roof.

Next week:

John shares a secret with Ava as Nicole tells one to EJ
Lucas invites Chloe to the Horton cabin
Victor flatlines
Daniel and Kate reminisce about their past

Danger ahead:
Ava and John toast to their future. EJ comes home and asks to speak to John. He wants in on John's business ventures. John says okay. EJ goes about proving himself to John. Sami discovers that Lucas is being sent to a maximum security prison and begs Roman to do something. Roman says he can't but has a private chat with Lucas about a dangerous plan he has. After, Sami and Lucas get a moment alone. Sami says she's furious that Lucas had sex with Chloe, but she wants him to stay safe in prison.

Late breaking news:

Setsiders report that news of Days' renewal would be announced once the cast and crew return from their two-week summer hiatus.

Guess who?

The sudden departure of this actress from a West Coast soap may have fans scratching their heads, but one of her co-stars says it's no surprise to the rest of the cast. "She was not well liked here and for very good reasons," sighs the source. "She was unprofessional, always late, making demands and generally not a very nice person. Let's just say she won't be missed." ... One loose-lipped vet was overheard ranting about the younger co-star's antics, fueling more rumors about the latter's possible exit.

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