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Sounds pretty good. I am still rather worried about Victor surviving though with his flat lining.

I read Prevuze and the whole Lucas/Roman think has me intrigued. I wonder what sort of mission he is getting Lucas involved in. I have a feeling this will be Lucas' ticket out of jail.

I can't wait to see Daniel and Kate reminiscing. I enjoy them together.

As for the blind item, I think it can be Renton, Melvin, or Hennig. I've thought about it and I really haven't heard anyone go out of the way to comment on any of them. Each of them has been commented on by a vet or two here or there but it's not like anyone at Days is waxing poetic about their love for them or anything. This is interesting though because this blind item seems to fall in line with the other one and it sounds like it could be reaching a boiling point so maybe whoever this is will get axed. If you think about it, Chan has cooled off and Kate and Daniel are interacting more and Nick has stuff coming too. This may be the perfect setup to remove Melvin from the canvas. That would be shocking considering she was an Emmy nominee and will likely be one next year too but, then again, MM was fired so who knows. This is definitely something to keep an eye on going forward.
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