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The Room Stops
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Jul 17 2008, 10:11 AM
JnM would be tolerable if Marlena would stop being so fickle and just except John for who he is now.
Why should she? He hit her unconcious when she was trying to help him, verbally abuses her, shows no emotion whatsoever except in rare moments when they're alone, and then he's back to being an asshole. He's NOT her husband.

The problem with that Phoenix ("Dee would like something new"), is that Deidre doesn't have a storyline. Deidre hasen't had a storyline in... god, how long has it been now? I don't care what Drake likes or doesn't like, and if likes Java, then good for him. He can ship Alice and John for all I care, because what I care about is that he does his job, and he's selling J&M for me even if the dialouge and the story isen't there. Deidre and Drake are the sole two reasons I still need to watch J&M scenes, because it doesn't matter who else is in the scene, it doesn't even matter at that moment that the story sucks, because they're magical. He looks at her, she looks at him, and it's the best chemistry I've ever seen, and it's the best couple I've ever seen. That's all I care about for them right now.
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