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Jul 17 2008, 02:58 PM
Jul 17 2008, 10:54 AM
I'm thinking it's Kristen Renton that they're referring to. Both Shelley Henning and Rachel Melvin seem to be adored by the majority of the cast. I never hear anything said about Kristen. She can be released and I wouldn't mind. Morgan is boring to me ever since Dena's writers started writing for her.
Seriously, I think Phloe fans need to cool off. It´s only a few weeks there was a different blind item and everybody immediatelly assumed KR is the one who is doing cocain and sleeping with producers to keep her position. Now, the same actress is supposedly unpopular, demanding and about to be fired??? It doesn´t even make sense.

Besides, KR can be hardly demanding when she is a totall newbie with zero job security. Rachel is already crytically acclaimed actress and Chelsea is the only remaining Bo´s child on the show, Stephanie is Stayla´s golden girl and Shelley... well, Corday seems to love Shelley and Darin together and that´s what counts most. Morgan has no ties in Salem and she is still just Phillip´s love interest, nothing more. KR is probably the most humble and modest person on the set because she knows very well she can be fired anytime.
If someone has an ego problem, it doesn't matter to them if they've been there for 3 months or 3 years. If they think they're the shit, they're going to express that.

I was just saying that I don't think it's Rachel or Shelley. DAYS isn't going to let Rachel go. That'd be too big of a loss, bigger than Martha Maidson IMO. And Shelley seems to be very liked by everyone on the cast, just like Rachel. Honestly, I've never heard anything good said about Kristen. Maybe I overlooked an interview with one of the cast members. I don't know.

It could also be Nadia Bjorlin. She comes off as a diva to me.
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