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Jul 18 2008, 01:18 AM
Jul 18 2008, 01:11 AM
Err, you just did that to Deidre Hall. And Dee is the Queen of Days, there is no denying that.
I didn't start the comparisons of the actresses, and I never said that LK was superior to anyone the way you did with DH and FR.....I just expressed my dislike for Deidre. Oh, and for the record, I'm denying Deidre the thrown of DAYS, and I'm sure there are others who will as well. She sucks.

Jumping in here, I'm not a Dee Hall fan, at least not anymore, but I won't get into why because what we were talking about is how good/bad LK is. I find LK a good actress (my personal opinion is she can hold her own against Dee too) and if I liked her before the fact she's making Daniel interesting with her performance proves they have not given this woman enough to do over the years.

As for Kaman, I liked the couple simply on the basis that I do like the woman to be the less moral one as that is not done so much. But the reason I can't get fully on board is a) the way Kate treated Roman's own daughter should have ended the pairing years ago and b) JT as Roman. I'm sorry, I loved JT when he was on The Hogan Family and actually had a crush on him with he was on 90210. Now? I can't see him in a romantic pairing and if Kaman gets together fine, but do not show kissing.

Which is a shame because LK could pull off a hot sex scene very well...so if they want to make Date a full couple, then let's go.
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