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Oh, wow. I wonder if this is just more proof that the audience is NOT supposed to root for the Chan paring. It's obvious that SC is uncomfortable with it, as are we. I think RM is the only one who's really gushed about Chan at all.
Is that what he is saying? Hearing the one line I thought he was, but reading the whole quote...I'm not sure. It's almost like he welcomes the challenge (I guess) but IMO claiming it should be twisted is not the ideal way to sell the pairing. I do have to say he is backing up what I thought all along, he didn't know he would be paired with RM so he didn't play those scenes in the beginning that way.

And hearing there was no screen test answers SOOOOOOOOO much.
Shit. Now that I read it over a few times, I'm having my doubts too. It does sound like he's trying to find some comfort ground in the situation. Which I guess as the actor portraying it, he should.

Ugh, I don't think I've ever hated a pairing this much.
Well if this is his way of propping the coupling, he's a bigger moron than Daniel IMO. I mean, you don't use words like "twisted" and "messed up" to try to convince people to accept a controversial couple. Maybe he is stating he wants Daniel to be a "different" character in it that he's dark, twisted and raw thereby we don't root for the pairing.

The good news is, he is quite aware of the negatives said about the couple which means the studio is too. The question is, how far do they think they can stretch people's patience with a show already on shaky ground? I mean, to survive, Days desperately needs a couple that can get majority of people to root for (since the entire audience would be impossible to strive for) and throwing all their resources into promoting a couple already in the hole is just folly and a waste of actor's potential.

Of course, if SC wanted twisted and dark, he sure got that with grandmasex.
I don't think SC is propping Chan with this, because he has to know it's a lost cause. Good call about the studio having also realized Chan is a huge-ass bust, the only reason that Chelsea and Daniel are probably still a couple is because of the "reaction" they got out of viewers....and you have to admit, they're pretty damn controversial, especially when you throw in Grandmasex. I think what SC was getting at, was he likes that his character is a bit of a twisted asshole, because it's better than being presented as perfect.

At least, that's what he better have been getting at or he's on my shit list.
I think SC is just trying to make the best of the disgusting pairing by putting it out there for what it is and saying he welcomes the challenge of a character who isn't white bread perfect.He has always been diplomatic about storyline situations.I bet RM won't be too pleased by what he says about the pairing
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