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Personally, I've always thought SoapNet was missing a goldmine in regards to limited run spin-offs and mini-series. IMO, they would be great vehicles to play "catch up" with historic aspects of each show (like focusing on characters with long ties to each series who haven't been on-screen in quite a while) and could be a way to show what some characters have been doing since they've been gone from their respective shows. For example, an AMC min-series spin-off could focus on Tara and where she's been. Maybe even on Linc & Kelly where we learn that they've had (adopted?) children who are now grown leading to a new generation of Tylers. If the adopted grown kids prove popular, they might gradually be worked into AMC proper. A mini-series might even be a nice way to touch base with a long-cancelled series. Maybe a 12 episode "Return to Another World" produced in conjunction with P&G/Telenext that brings us up to date on the residents in Bay City 10 years after the last episode. Perhaps a 12 episode "Edge of Night" mini-series focusing on new characters with ties to vintage characters (like the now grown son of Adam & Nicole along with the adult children of Sky & Raven) where the entire 12 episodes are devoted to one big murder mystery and done almost in a procedural style. There are so many options to go with this.
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