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Lauren Koslow has great chemistry with John Aniston.
Not to pimp the woman out or anything, but she's got pretty good chemistry with everyone; her kids, her rivals, her lovers. I think that's part of the reason her character has been written like such a cougar, and with so many partners. You can't really settle someone like that down. It'll get boring REAL fast, Kaman being a prime example of that.
Well, I thoroughly disagree. Lauren Koslow is not that good at all. She's good, but I mean she's no Deidre Hall or Frances Reid.
LOL, I'm not even going to express my views of Deidre Friggin' Hall, but as for Frances, um, I never even insinuated a compairison between the two. I simply stated that LK worked well with most scene partners, I don't see what that has anything to do with either women you brought up.

But, whatever.
I was just thinking of Days' best actresses and saying that Lauren is not in their league.
I would hardly call Deidre one of Days' best actresses. Not anymore at least, because she's quite laughable now. Frances ,while I respect the hell out her and she has to be one of the coolest old ladies ever, is never on the show, so that doesn't make any sense. But this conversation isn't even stimulating because I would never want Lauren put into the type of roles FR and DH have and versa vise.

I just don't see why I can't give kudos to one actress without someone debasing her to the alter of another, that's all.
Err, you just did that to Deidre Hall. And Dee is the Queen of Days, there is no denying that.
I'm not sure that is a compliment anymore!

The stories are really not helping anyone show off their talents with the exception of Ari and James. Ali gets to do a screeching Sami most days, Bryan gets angry Lucas, Peter and Kristian get nothing, etc. Yes a good actor can make alot out of nothing but there is a limit. Koslow hasn't had good stuff to work with for years except a few moments when Kate and Roman were falling for each other. The material Hall has to work with is horrific at best.
Drake and James has a fantastic scene together this week - and it was never really spoiled - plus Stephen and MBE have a awesome performance coming up this Monday and it was not really spoiled! You can see the scene on Prevuze II.
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